Heir of light is interesting and thrilling Android game with the variety of new episodes and weapons. Heir of light Game App has got simple gameplay, where the player needs to light up their own way and continue their journey. Heir of light APK allows the users to light up the world of darkness and chaos.

The war will begin in the world of darkness. The player needs to light upon every inch of the land to complete that episode. The territory can be expanded widely according to the player’s wish. Heir of light provides the exclusive battlefield with a vast area.

Heir of Light

The crusade in Heir of light consists around 100 servants. The player needs to exhibit all their powerful skills in this battle to evolve into something big.

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The player has to light up the entire land by attacking all the enemies. The player can help the servants by customizing their skills for the battle. Use your own strategy to bring up the glory.

Fight with other real-time players in the battlefield to prove that you got skills. Heir of lights Game App provides rewards to the best players with boost ups. Download Heir of lights Game App APK for Android devices to be a part in this thrilling dark world and light up the glory of victory.


Heir of light is truly one addictive game which has got various customizable tools. The player has to simply light up the entire world in this battlefield. This game app has got 100 servants. These servants can be customized with the required skills.

With all the struggles one has to go through various obstacles and light the entire area. Download Heir of light Game App APK for Android devices to play with real-time players and immerse yourself into a fantasy world.

Heir of Light: Embark on A Crusade to Renew A Hope That Has Been Lost for Generations!